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Year 1


As Writers we will be writing our own diary entries and exploring different perspectives. We will be immersed in the seaside theme and be developing our understanding of tenses.


As Mathematicians we will be learning about how to describe position and direction. We will be learning about place value up to 100 and will be comparing, and ordering our numbers.


As Historians we will be identifying similarities between ways of life in the past and now. We will be comparing our lives with the past. 


As Scientists we will be writing instructions for how to care for a plant. We will continue to look at how the weather changes between the seasons, recording our findings. We also have some exciting visitors – caterpillars – who we will be watching!


As Geographers we be using geographical vocabulary to describe the features of a landscape. We will use maps to identify rivers we have learnt about. 

As Readers we will be reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts including “The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch”, “Turtle Bay”, “World Kitchen” and “I wonder why the sea is salty”.


As Artists we will learn how to use silhouettes to create an underwater effect.​