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Year 3



Year 3

Summer Term 2

Contrasting Concepts


In Year 3 we are exploring the theme ‘Contrasting Concepts’ through Voices in the Park by Anthony Brown. We hope this will inspire and motivate us as learners in these areas:


  • As Readers, we will be reading ‘Voices in the Park’ by Anthony Brown. We will immerse ourselves in a range of literature to support our writing outcomes.


  • As Writers, we will be using rich language to write stories in which different people have different points of view about the same event. For our non-fiction writing, we will be learning how to write discussion texts.


  • As Mathematicians, we will continue working on problems that involve telling time. We will also be exploring properties of shapes, and learn about measuring mass and capacity.


  • As Scientists, we will continue exploring forces and magnets.


  • As Historians, we will continue exploring the life of the Anglo-Saxons.


  • As Geographers, we will using maps, atlases and globes to locate and describe the places we have learned about.


  • As Artists and Designers, we will be exploring mixing colours and graduation techniques using watercolour. We will also be drawing 3D objects.


  • As Theologians, we will continue exploring Hinduism and look at the major principles which underpin the religion.


  • As Computer Scientists, we will be learning how to collect and and analyse data.