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Year 5

 Year 5

Class Teachers: R Murray J Edge-Kanat

Summer 2

This term the children in Year 5 will be learning about creative thinking and imaginary worlds without boundaries in a theme called

‘Enchanted Worlds’.



Using our skills to explore our theme, we will be using texts and paintings to inspire our creative thinking and stretch our imaginations beyond reality. We will use a fictional report called ‘Tree Giants’, written by Pie Corbett, as well as Café la Nuit (a painting by Vincent Van Gogh).

 As Writers we will be writing our own fictional reports inspired by Tree Giants. We will also become creative writers, describing the scene depicted in Van Gogh’s masterpiece.


As Readers we will be exploring styles of writing and effective language techniques- using the creative writing of others to help us analysis effects on the imagination.

As Mathematicians we will apply our calculation skills and knowledge in order to solve problems involving numbers with up to 3 decimal places.  We will also use all four operations to solve problems involving measure.

As Scientists we will be studying materials, their properties and how they change.

As Historians we will study the Maya civilisation, learning about their customs and traditions.

As Geographers we will study map reading, learning how to read and draw maps.

As Artists we will be inspired by Enchanted Worlds and sketch our own Tree Giant artwork.

In Display Technology we will design and create our own Enchanted Gardens.

As Philosophers we will endeavour to think about concepts beyond a stimulus. We will listen and respond respectfully to the ideas of others and justify our own opinions.