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Year 4


Year 4

Class Teacher: Ms Glaser

Summer Term 2

Secrets Of Science


Summer Term 2

Year 4 will be intrepid explorers to one of the World’s most fascinating continents through our theme Out Of Africa


 As readers we will jump into Elizabeth Laird’s wonderful story of The Fastest Boy In The World following Solomon’s race to save his grandfather’s life.

 As writers we will write our own stories of heroism set in the blistering heat of the African plains. We will also continue our work on learning the skills writers use to create characters that come to life on the page.

 As mathematicians we will explore money, shape, space and time as well as consolidate and deepen all our Year 4 maths knowledge.

 As scientists we will get up close and personal with minibeasts and wildlife, in our Living Things and Their Habitats unit. We will also become eco warriors in our quest to save the environments that our living creatures need in order to survive.

 As Historians we will delve into ancient Benin and learn about this incredible civilisation and culture.

 As artists and designers we will be designing and making our own African prints and creating African masks.

 As philosophers we will explore the power of dreaming big to achieve our goals. We will also discuss the benefits of education and why some children around the world are still denied one of their basic rights of going to school.

 As Geographers we will be looking at Africa and its diverse countries, study the effects of climate change and what we can do to help.

 As musicians we will explore the ancient arts of African rhythms and drumming.

As computer scientists we will become modern digital composers making our own pieces of music using iPads and laptops.