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To go further than I thought.
To reach higher than I dreamed.
To become the person I need to be.

Cherry Orchard Primary School

As Writers we will be writing character descriptions and an information leaflet. As we become dinosaur hunters we will be working on our sentence structure.

As Mathematicians we will continue our learning about partitioning, addition and subtraction facts. We will also remind ourselves about the different properties of shapes.

As Scientists we will be exploring the properties of different materials.

As Musicians we will explore sounds and learn about pitch.  

As Geographers we will name and locate the 7 continents of the world.


As Historians we will be using primary and secondary sources to learn about pre-historic Britain when dinosaurs were alive.

 In Computing we will be filming the steps to find a dinosaur.


As Design Technicians we will be creating our own dinosaur fossils out of salt dough.

As Readers we will be reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts including “Tyrannosaurus Drip”, “Giganotosaurus” and “Harry and a Bucket full of dinosaurs”.

As Artists we will use repeated patterns to create designs that look like footprints. ‚Äč